Unfold - EEG Deconvolution Toolbox

A toolbox for deconvolution of overlapping EEG signals and (non)-linear modeling

Second draft of reference paper

Download our reference paper Ehinger & Dimigen 2018 from bioRxiv

This is a draft version, we are very happy to receive comments and criticism (info@unfoldtoolbox.org)

If you use the toolbox, please cite us as: Ehinger BV & Dimigen O, Unfold: An integrated toolbox for overlap correction, non-linear modeling, and regression-based EEG analysis, bioRxiv, https://doi.org/10.1101/360156

Why deconvolution and non-linear modeling?

Find a twitter thread explaining the general idea here or have a look at Figure 1 of our paper

What can you do with unfold?

  • Adjust for overlap between subsequent potentials using linear deconvolution
  • Massive-Univarite Modeling (rERP) using R-style formulas, e.g. EEG~1+face+age
  • Non-linear effects using regression splines (GAM), e.g. EEG~1+face+spl(age,10)
  • Model multiple events, e.g. Stimulus, Response and Fixation
  • Use temporal basis functions (Fourier & Splines)
  • (Optional) regularization using glmnet


Getting Started

To get started, best is to start with the 2x2 ANOVA-Design tutorial Quickstart: 2x2 ANOVA